5 Reasons Why Stoicism Is Better Than Kanye West

  1. Kanye Omari West was born June 8, 1977.  Stoicism was born from the mind of Zeno of Citium in 300 BC.  Stoicism has been around a long time and has waxed and waned and been through the philosophical grinder.  Stoicism has made its mark in history, it has staying power.  It’s not clear Kanye West will have nearly as much staying power.  In 100 years Kanye West may be forgotten.  Basically Stoicism has proved itself as an important idea and Kanye has yet to prove himself as an important idea.
  2. Kanye West has compared himself to Jesus Christ, the most important figure in Christianity.  Stoicism has influenced, shaped, and created a large amount of what we know today as Christianity.  Kanye West might think he is Jesus but Stoicism and its concept of the Logos is a lot closer to Jesus than Kanye may ever be.
  3. Kanye West may have Kim Kardashian but Stoicism has Marcus Aurelius, the great magnanimous emperor of Rome.
  4. Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift while she was receiving an award at the VMAs in 2009.  Barack Obama famously called him a jackass for this stunt.  Stoicism doesn’t interrupt people.
  5. Kanye West criticized Obama and praised Trump claiming that the mob can’t make him not love Trump.  Stoicism is much more loving than Kanye.  Stoicism is about brotherly and sisterly love of everyone be it the mob, Obama, Trump, immigrants, gold-diggers and is universal and impartial love.  Stoicism also does not care about fame or the limelight except as possible means to virtue.


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