5 Reasons Stoicism is Better Than NASCAR

  1.  NASCAR is expensive.  It requires funding through many channels.  NASCAR is funded through ticket sales, money from tv broadcast contracts.  All the teams have to pay for their hardware, personnel, and travel.  The teams fund this by selling sponsorship coupled with what they earn from competing.   The auto manufacturers will also sometimes provide financial support.  Stoicism is not expensive at all.  The only investment it requires is a few simple mindfulness/meditative exercises throughout the day and focus on virtue.
  2. NASCAR has a large carbon footprint.  Stoicism doesn’t.  NASCAR switched to E15 “green fuel” but “green fuel” is a misnomer.  NASCAR may use 15% Ethanol but the rest is gasoline . Stoicism is just a concept that transfers from one mind to another.  Very little energy or money is required for that.
  3. NASCAR is a spectator sport that requires hours of time watching cars make a transit, usually in an oval.  Stoicism doesn’t require this time investment of sensory repetition.  Sure, you might review certain meditative techniques throughout the day in Stoicism but it sure beats watching cars travel in ovals ad infinitum.  Also NASCAR is loud and can give you a headache.  Stoicism is silent and can even help you mentally deal with your headache.
  4. NASCAR promotes competition.  Stoicism promotes both competition and cooperation.  NASCAR is just what you’d expect from a sport that is entirely profit-motivated.  It’s motivated by cutthroat competitiveness.  People actually die in their quest to race around tracks as a means to being first and everyone else last.  Stoicism is much more cooperative.  Instead of “me” first, it cares about others and their needs.  Stoicism balances one’s needs with the group’s needs.  If you’re not always first that’s ok because it’s not always a competition, you can be proud for someone ahead of you.
  5. NASCAR requires too much brain investment without very little brain reward.  NASCAR requires you to know the drivers, requires you to keep track of points, requires you drink beer, requires you to travel to their events, requires you to schedule your tv time around NASCAR, requires you to watch tv period,  requires you buy their products, requires you watch their commercials and become tempted by their commercials, it makes you have unrealistic goals of becoming a NASCAR driver, it might even make you have a need for speed and make you break the law.  And what is the reward?  Maybe a little buzz from the beer?  Stoicism doesn’t require any of this.  It just wants you to focus on being a good person and the reward is lifetime happiness.  Imagine that.  Stoicism requires very little investment for lifetime happiness.


One thought on “5 Reasons Stoicism is Better Than NASCAR

  1. NASCAR…a southern staple to which I’ve long been exposed the virus of which, however, has never infected me. I am a southern male who gives a cold shoulder to NASCAR :).

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