Are Vulcans Natural Stoics?

Short answer, No.  Human beings tend not to repress their emotions compared to Vulcans and it’s not recommended that humans do so.  In fact, Stoicism as a philosophy of life is about understanding your emotions and how to deal with them logically.  Stoicism distinguishes passions from proto-passions, while we have no control over proto-passions, we do exercise some control over our passions if we work at fixing our internal judgments of the world.

Vulcans are naturally more violent than other species so they have to be more repressive of their emotions than other species. For a Vulcan, letting go of one emotion can let go of all of them. Plus they have the neurobiology to handle so much emotional repression and live a healthy life.  Humans just couldn’t live a healthy life repressing every single emotion.  Human beings would probably lash out when they were at their weakest or be in strong denial of having acted irrationally while supposedly exercising their emotional repression.

It’s not clear entirely what meditative techniques Vulcans use to repress their emotions but Star Trek makes clear that Vulcans meditate quite a lot to exercise complete repression of their emotions.  There are exceptions to Vulcan emotional repression like when they have a pon farr, a strong sexual need to reproduce.  They tend to become very horny and angry during this period of time and it tends to happen every 7 years.

Vulcans similarly to Stoics do seem to care about the concept of diversity and cosmpolitanism.  Vulcans also exercise vegetarianism which is similar to some ancient Stoics.

Vulcan philosophy is a complicated mix of utilitarianism and virtue ethics.  One one hand, they’re virtue ethicists following the life of Surak.  On another hand they’re utilitarian always caring about the needs of the many over the needs of the few or the one.  There’s also a small smidgen of deontology going on because supposedly Vulcans cannot tell a lie.

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